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MX Quick Change Arbor Systeem

MandreX MX makes life easy. All you have to do is push the button, slide back the adapter and remove the core.

Compared to standard saws, changing saws with MandreX MX is better, faster and more efficient. The system is very flexible and friendly to use. You can enlarge the centre drill easily by sliding the MX adapters against the drill-chuck. Replacing the Hole Saw is a matter of pushing the button, remove the hole saw with adapter and slide on another hole saw with adapter with the correct diameter hole saw. Try the revolutionary easy MandreX MX Hole Saw system for a change. It changes your business very quickly!


  • - Only sold outside Europe
  • - Replace the hole saw easily
  • - Drop out the plug with one “click”
  • - Drill holes at an angle, including the big ones!
  • - Enlarge already drilled holes

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Het Mandrex gatzaag systeem is revolutionair en eenvoudig!