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Diamond TileXcut

These diamond grit edge Hole Saws have been specially developed for professionals who need to drill in extremely hard materials. With the long life time these saws are for the most difficult jobs. Drilling plugs and small holes is fast and easy. The lifetime is ensured, thanks to the cooling wax inside. Additional cooling wax can be ordered: Part.No MX200093B


  • - Dry drilling, no water required
  • - Clean edges and fast, accurate cuts
  • - Premium grade diamond grit
  • - Ideal for tiles granite and hard and natural stone (e.g. marble)
  • - Maximum cutting depth is 28mm (1-1/8”)
  • - With cooling wax inside,1/4” Powerbit connection
  • - Suitable for use with high speed electric or battery powered drilling
Mandrex Diamond Dry Tiles Hole Saw TileXcut
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