Plunge cut witWood rattling your teeth.

The TRIPPLE- sided 3X FASTCUT is a professional grade saw blade that fits all reciprocating saws. Made in Germany with 8% cobalt for exceptional strength, versatility and durability. Plunge cut witWood rattling your teeth. With its rounded tip and its double edged blade you can cut in both directions witWood flipping your saw over!


  • - TRIPPLE-sided,cuts 3 ways,8% cobalt for long-lasting metal cutting
  • - Exceptional strength versatility and durability
  • - Rounded tip plunge cuts with ease
  • - Cuts wood with nails pipe sheet metal plastic fiberglass and other materials
  • - Optimized blade grind, set and kerf
  • - Cost-effective — two blades for the price of one!
  • - Made in Germany
Mandrex Reciprocating Saw Blade 3X FASTCUT
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