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EZYGRIND diamond pipe cutter

“The Mandrex EzyGrind is the safest & fastest way to cut plastic pipes at or below floor level by inserting the tool inside the pipe and cutting from the inside. It is especially suited to concrete slab construction, and difficult to access areas. Using the Mandrex EzyGrind will enable you to produce a clean professional finish with one cutting action.

The Mandrex EzyGrind is designed to cut PVC and HDPE pipes (sizes from Ø40 – 150mm). Suitable for pipes including encased pipes, pipe penetrations, conduits, storm water, sewer, WC’s, shower drains, floor wastes, down pipes and inspection openings.

The Mandrex EzyGrind is your safest choice as it works with a power drill, while cutting from inside the pipe protects the user from blade contact. The alternate method of using an angle grinder will cause potential safety problems. Many governments recommend using an alternative to an angle grinder wherever possible.”


  • - Safe
  • - 3x faster
  • - For use with all kinds of (cordless-) power drills,7mm Hex Powerbit Shank
  • - Replaceable Diamond Blades,Includes two cutting guides
  • - Patented worldwide

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