Cooling Gel


For optimum lubrication during drilling, cutting and tapping. Suitable for both hard and so metals. Also suitable for stainless steel.

MandreX Cooling Gel is a modern, high-quality cutting lubricant with a high gap-filling propensity
and excellent cooling properties. MandreX Cooling Gel can be used under normal circumstances for
almost all drilling, tapping and cutting work. The product reduces friction, yields a nicely-finished
surface and extends the service life of the cutting tools.

The high- quality components that go to make up MandreX Cooling Gel also make it suitable for use on stainless steel and other hard materiaIs.


  • - Very high temperature range
  • - Strongly sticky
  • - Can be used on all types of metal
  • - High cooling capacity
  • - Ready to use
  • - For Bi-Metal holesaws
Mandrex Bi-metal Hole Saw M42 SpeedXcut
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