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“Top performance laser welded blades with unique XPD technology. Guarantees a long lifetime and fast cutting results.

It is almost impossible to have a perfect solution for diamond saw blades. A blade which can be used in every situation under any condition and which cuts fast, long and with the highest efficiency. Our Mandrex diamond saw blades have this solution: In the Mandrex diamond saw blades we have incorporated our high-tech XPD Technology. With this technology we are able to create the perfect grid layout in three dimensional patterns. Each diamond can work optimally and can be kept cool under any conditions.

The performance stays consistent at all times and you will experience that these blades cut faster, strong, more efficient and much longer!”


  • - Segments with XPD Technology
  • - Laser welded
  • - For all construction materials
  • - Dry use
  • - Segment height 12mm
Mandrex Diamond Segmented Saw Blade Concrete XtremePro
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