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Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, as MandreX Hole Saw System, we always supply the best quality products to our customers all over the world. We are dedicated to continually and improving our products to ensure quality results and maximum lifetime.

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Our Catalogue

Our product range is very extensive. That is why we have bundled all these smart tools into the Mandrex catalog: a handy tool that allows you to compare all products at a glance.You can browse the Mandrex catalog online, but you can also download the Mandrex catalog or request it free of charge.

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Mandrex hole saws, quick change “ONE CLICK” drill chucks, saw blades, reciprocating saws and jigsaw blades are designed to work better, faster and smarter in any type of material. Mandrex products are known for their innovative technology, quality and reliability and have been developed in collaboration with the installers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and contractors who use them every day.

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Revolutionary Mandrex

The Mandrex “ONE CLICK” hole saw system

Revolutionary and simple! Experience the future in hole saw systems. It is better, faster and more efficient than all existing systems in the market. This system fit almost every type of hole saw and the hole saw is easy to change.

  • Replace your Hole Saw with ONE CLICK
  • Enlarge previously drilled holes
  • Eject the plug with ONE CLICK
  • One Arbor for large and small Hole Saws

Innovation is our drive

Behind Mandrex many things are going on!

We always supply the best quality products, like Bi-metal and TCT hole saws, reciprocating and jig sawblades, diamond segmented sawblades, Diamond Metal cutting discs, Quick change arbors, mandrels to OEM distributors and customers all over the world.

Each Mandrex tool is a problem solver, even for the most difficult jobs. We are dedicated to continually improving our products to ensure quality results and maximum lifetime. Using the Smart tools from Mandrex saves you time, money and frustration!

Mandrex EzyGrind

Diamond Coated Pipe Cutter

The EzyGrind is the safest & fastest way to cut plastic pipes at or below floor level by inserting the tool inside the pipe and cutting from the inside. It is especially suited to concrete slab construction, and difficult to access areas.

Using the EzyGrind will enable you to produce a clean professional finish with one cutting action. The EzyGrind is designed to cut PVC and HDPE pipes (sizes from Ø40 – 150mm). Suitable for pipes including encased pipes, pipe penetrations, conduits, storm water, sewer, WC’s, shower drains, floor wastes, down pipes and inspection openings.


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