Extra long hole saws

The extra long Hole saws are perfect for when you need to drill a larger than standard hole in various materials, like plastic, wood or metal.

Mandrex offers a unique range Xtra Deep Multi-purpose and Bi-metal hole saw sizes and types for superior performance in various materials and applications. Professionals will recognize the advantages of the patented ONE CLICK multi-purpose and Bi-metal hole saw systems. You can eject the core with one click. Changing the arbor takes just seconds. Replacing the Multi-purpose and Bi-metal Hole Saw is a matter of push and exchange. Drilling at an angle is fast and simple.

Multi-purpose Xtra Deep

Multi-purpose Xtra Deep

Workpiece materials

  • Plastic, PVC
  • Tiles, soft tiles
  • Wood
  • Softstone
  • Hollow bricks
  • Sandstone, gypsum
  • MDF
  • five x faster
  • multi purpose
  • ten x faster
  • 5 times faster and 10 times the lifetime compared to any competitive Hole Saw
  • Cutting depth 165mm (6-1/2”) for deep drilling
  • Large clearance of chips thanks to the specially designed wide slots
  • Smooth cutting with minimal heat build-up
  • Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools